Finding my way

One beautiful morning

My heart whispers to me,

“Isn’t it time

You learned to journey?”

This is from a tiny book I found a long while ago that really resonated with me and where I was in my life. It made me think I needed to step out of the box more, be braver, take more chances and be the person and artist I am inside. The little book was titled “Finding My Way” by Chisachi Suehiro and it was published  in 1967. It tells a story of a child who wandered away from home only to realize he is not ready to face the world and still needs his familiar comforts of family and friends and so holds his dreams of traveling inside for now.

I had been like that child with my art and some parts of my life in staying with the familiar too long. While living in that state has served it purpose, I am no longer a child. This little book along with other events in my life helped me to see it was time to take some chances. And so, now more than ever my journey is contained in my art and my art in my journey. It gives me breath to keep going, to allow my days on this earth I love so dearly, to be experienced with more honesty, passion and gratitude. To grow and learn, to be more of myself, give more of myself, to love myself while finding my way.

I hope to share my journey, my art, as well as thoughts on my art process through this blog and to listen with an open heart.

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