Showing up

My plan is to share my art here, my thoughts about being an artist and the process of painting my life. I hope if you are reading this you can understand or  relate in some way to my process. Let me know your insights, dreams and about your journey too. I would love to hear your stories.

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember even when I didn’t understand what that was. I was born seeing like one and feeling like I was always a bit away from the normal. I recently discovered that I was what is now called highly sensitive and possibly gifted. At any rate, I never operated anywhere near the level of others  or processed things in the same way as my peers. I thought I was inadequate and dumb compared to others and I was left-handed! Back then that was treated like something less. So my childhood was confusing but somehow blissful at the same time. I escaped inside myself and created my own world where I could be anything and my imagination could run free. I loved that state of being and I still try to recreate it but it is hard to escape reality and return to that level of innocence. Painting takes me there or as close as I can get. I know now lots of us feel that way but when you are young you think you are weird at the very least or lacking something. Sometimes I still wonder why I am left out of the inside jokes or just feel totally alien to how some people think. How about you do any of you have those thoughts?

I just turned 65 this year, shocking when I think about it since I feel much younger in my head. I often look in the mirror and don’t recognize the face I see. It is only one of many I have worn and while I might sometimes wish I could go back to a younger one I also know this is my ego thinking these things. In my heart and soul I realize I am not that face I am all of them. I am a collage of all my experiences. I am a work in progress like my paintings and I have a lot to say.

Eday 055

                                                                                                This Imaginary World


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