What I thought I knew and life interrupted


    “What I thought I knew and life interrupted”

Why is it many of us set expectations of ourselves so high as to how much we can accomplish,or the amount of work we can get done in a certain period of time? We only disappoint ourselves when it is more than anyone could do. And then we just won’t stop trying to finish the task even after we realize there is no way to get there. Time runs out and we are scrambling around to fit together what we have done into something we call complete, knowing we won’t be happy with the end result.

Add that to the complexities of life, trying to care for a loved one who is ill while you maintain the household and raise a child in middle school. I feel like I am kidding myself into believing I have any chance at being a serious artist. Overcoming these and other obstacles apparently are not unusual for creative people and women especially.

Often for me it isn’t until I finally stop trying so hard that the solution might come. In a flash  0f action, a sudden mark in just the right place and it all comes together. I can’t understand why it took so long to see it, but that is how it is sometimes. I am still trying to learn to trust the process and my own instincts.




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