Solitary Dreams


Do you ever wonder if anyone in the world gets you or your art?

I do and very often…

Then I try and remember those people who come into my booth at an art fair or to an exhibit. When they stand in front of one of my paintings for awhile before moving on to the next one, I can sense the connection. I wait until they look at everyone of them before I speak. I am curious what they like about them and how they touch them or if they do.When I think it is the right moment I might ask if they paint, because usually when someone seems to study my work they have some sort of art background or desire to paint. It doesn’t matter what elements they are attracted to or even what they see in my work, it begins a conversation that tends to make me come alive. I love talking about art. I like having that little thread of excitement that runs between us, to connect with another person without having to explain every reason you are an artist or how you earn money doing it and all the other rediculous assumptions that come with it when people don’t know what to say because they have no idea what you are about.

It is very hard to sell art these days to the majority of people, you can’t wear it, and they need to match the drapes or flooring colors, or they can get a better price at Walmart. Besides, it is a huge commitment to buy something you might not feel you can throw out after a year or two. I do understand some people just have other priorities and don’t care to own original art. They are not my customers. When someone does buy a piece of my art though it is a truly special thing. To know a person likes my work enough to want it in their home or office helps me know I am doing something worthwhile. I would still paint even if I never sold a thing but I do need to earn a living, so if I can do both it is a dream come true. I cannot say thanks enough to those special souls who are helping me try and do that.


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