Where I want to be…….






This is a photo I took just yesterday of my studio. It is only about 30 feet from my back door and sometimes it might as well be 10 miles away. For the past week or so it has nearly been invisible and I need to bring it back into focus. As if it hasn’t been hard enough to find time to spend there, winter and cold temperatures add insult to injury. Whenever the temperature drops below 20° fahrenheit I find it too cold to stay there long enough to get anything done. I have a small electric heater in it so I can keep my art supplies from freezing but it is not warm enough to keep my feet from becoming ice cubes. It is a situation I find gets harder to deal with as  winters come and go . I have spent countless hours trying to come up with an answer and it always seems to come back to money and my lack of it. I tell myself to be grateful for the time I do spend there, and I am. But I get so weary of the inability to solve the problem.

So, I wait for the temperatures to rise even a little so I can go out there and fight the battles  of starting wherever it is I may have left off the last time I actually got to paint. It really will be okay eventually. That is what I tell myself. I still have hopes and dreams after all ,what else is there?

The one thing I know for sure is I am stubborn, (and committed) enough that I will never give up! Some folks think I am crazy anyway so I don’t intend to disappoint them. I am becoming a warrior and I will win inspite of the obstacles that life brings. We all have a multitude of them in our lifetimes and compared to some I have fought in the past this one is small potatoes.

Time for some extra armor.



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