For The Love of Chaos

A bit of my studio


I am so happy to be back working again after the snowstorm and all that came as a result of it. I have at least started a few things and I have lots of ideas. I need to clean and organize a little but somehow I seem to function better when things are not too neat. Anyway I would rather paint than clean. As long as I can find what I want I’m good.


This is an 8×8 inch panel I am working on. It is the first time I have painted on a hard panel so not sure yet if I like it.



An 11×14 inch canvas I started and I like it as is, I think. I am enjoying trying different surfaces. I have been working on watercolor paper so long I have forgotten what painting techniques work on what surface. It is fun to experiment though.



And this is a 12×12 inch painting on paper, the last thing I finished before the cold weather came.

I am starting to feel that I have at least begun something. So tomorrow is another day and we will see what happens. I am pretty excited!!!

Please let me know your thoughts, any feedback is welcomed.

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