Sorting It Out



I have finally finished reorganizing my studio and as usual it took longer than I expected. The good news is I forced myself to actually get rid of a lot of unrelated stuff that shouldn’t have been in there to begin with. So now it is done and I should be able to work right? Not so much.

Lately I have been feeling distant from my work and discouraged at not being able to find places to show or sell my work locally. I sometimes wonder if cleaning my studio is part of my delay tactics since I do it so often. I want to paint and yet I can’t seem to get anywhere. I have been trying to connect with some other artists through activities and events in town but so far they are enjoyable but uninspiring. I just  end up feeling more lost than ever.

I know this will pass and that other creative people go through the same kind of rough patches but that knowledge doesn’t help much. So I will just go and paint more things I am not happy with and hope for the best.

Any one else feel this way recently? How do you handle it?

It has been a very hard year for my family and that has affected me more than I realized but I will recover and my best work is still in me.


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