First Things First

I have been working toward setting a more workable schedule in the studio to paint and am doing much better at it lately. I have found that if I have the intention of being there by 9:00am and work until 12:00pm every day I can usually get something done or at least started. Then after a break  and a bite to eat I work from 1:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon. So far, unless I have a lot of errands that must be taken care on a particular day, it is going well.

I think my favorite part of the process is the beginning….


Texture tools
These are a few things I use to make texture in my work.


I have lots of random things lying around to try out in making a painting, I am always looking around for anything that might make interesting textures. I usually begin without any certain idea in mind I like the surprise of things that happen intuitively as I am painting.

I love layers and enjoy the build up of marks and textures that may be covered up  or obscured later on. Occasionally I may even add collage to the mix.

The point is that when I start a painting this way it is freeing and anything is possible. I cannot worry about the finished work I just explore and if I don’t like something I can cover it or scrape it off (another of my favs).


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