On Being a Morning Person

I posted this a week ago and decided it needed a few revisions so I trashed it. I changed a bit of the wording and hope it is more readable now.


I love being up early before most anyone else. Taking my coffee outside and just sitting awhile.

I love the peacefulness of it,

the bird sounds,

the quality of light,

the scent of the  flowers,

and especially the way the earth smells after it rains.


I took this a few mornings ago in my backyard at sunrise and I am remembering how fragile  these moments are.

These are  some of the thoughts I take with me into the studio when I am going to paint. Nature has a very important influence on me and my work. It may not be evident to some but it is there in the layers… hidden away to discover. Always from my heart to my hands it mingles and swirls in my thoughts and is part of me.
Painting abstractly is how I feel I can best express myself. Painting in a realist style doesn’t satisfy me like it once did and I feel this is my way of growing into myself.

Because I have to…. because I need to.


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