The Weekend is Almost Here!

Framing new work

After filling out applications for summer camps and all the end of the school year loose ends, I am working on getting ready for a couple of Art Fairs.

I have a grandson who is 13 and in Middle School that lives with us and he is a real joy. He is very bright and we are working to help him achieve his dream of becoming an inventor/engineer in whatever form that takes.So things have been a bit hectic trying to balance his needs and my own artistic activities, spring gardening and just regular life.

I am preparing for the Francisco’s Farm Art Festival this weekend and hoping for good weather, (the forecast isn’t that promising), but I still have hope it will improve. I have been framing and cutting mats all week and still have much to do since it is the first one of the season for me.So wish me luck,good weather and lots of sales!!!

6 thoughts on “The Weekend is Almost Here!

  1. I wish you good luck! great weather! and lots of sales! Wish I could be there. Your paintings are remarkable!


    1. Thanks Roxanne! I wish you could be here too. I hope you have a good weekend up North.I have a few new pieces that I framed this week I am really pleased with I will try to post them soon.


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