In The Studio This Week


I have had a busy few weeks and am trying to get some paintings done. I have started at least 15 pieces of various sizes and I work on them simultaneously. It seems that’s how I work best. Always in a bit of a frenzy.
Then after a few days of a flurry of activity I evaluate and choose one to finish. Sometimes it goes well and other times if I feel stuck I might put that one aside and begin working on another one. It seems to feed my imagination and strengthen my intuition to work this way.


These two are about done I think. So tomorrow I will see what I am able to accomplish.

Sorry for the blury pictures my phone isn’t great or maybe I just haven’t yet mastered it.



7 thoughts on “In The Studio This Week

    1. Thanks for the comment Patricia. I know what you mean, I feel pretty tangled in my thoughts very often too. It helps to get those things out and into the work. One of the things I love most about making abstract art.


  1. OK I think your artwork is very inspiring and very a delightful to look at and to live with I stop by your booth at the show and I told you that I traveled from Louisville just to see some of your work the trip was well worth it we talked I gave you my name and and phone number and that and once you decide to give classes or the workshop then to contact me your artist friend T page good luck


    1. Thank you so much for coming to the Art Fair Thomas, it was nice to meet you! I appreciate the kind words about my paintings. I Will be sure and let you know when I sort things out about teaching. I hope to post some new work here before too long! We can’t have too many art friends!
      My best to you,


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