Thoughts and Memories 


This painting is from a few years ago before my Mom passed away but I had lost several family members. I was reflecting on the losses and how I would remember them all. It is funny how these memories can be triggered by the smallest things. A song on the radio, a gentle breeze, or the taste of something.

This time of year reminds me of my Dad and his love of Autumn. I can’t help thinking of a dream I had in the months before he died from kidney cancer when he told me he wished he could see the hillsides of Kentucky and the beautiful trees changing  colors one more time.

In the dream I had made a bed in the back of my Mini van so he could lie and see out of the windows. My sisters and I moved him from his bed in the house on some nonsensical apparatus to my van. Then I imagined driving him around for hours as he relished the sunlit reds and golds of the leaves and forgot all the pain for awhile.

I ached to do this for him knowing I couldn’t and that the memory of my dream would have to be enough.

I still do……..

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