It’s Been A While!

Where does the time go???


I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post here. So much has been going on that has kept me out of the studio and focused on family, holidays, and other obligations I just haven’t been able to paint much.

I take that last part back, I have been painting some just not anything I am really that happy with. So I feel like some good things are going to happen soon, surely!

I have had these periods before when nothing seems to be working and it can be very disheartening.

I panic!!!

Maybe I have run out of ideas, lost my way, I don’t know what I am doing after all.


These doubts and fallow times are like the growing seasons in a way, just because you don’t see anything in the field doesn’t mean there aren’t seeds trying to germinate under the soil. I know this in my mind and whenever this happens,  after my panicky moments and I calm down, I remember to breathe, just breathe…

After I catch my breath and can see clearly again I begin to review some of my past work. I think about what I like most about my work and how I can move forward. I sometimes take notes, listen to my favorite music while doodling in my sketchbook or do some collage.

I have to accept again that it is a cycle and while, I may have been on the downside for a bit the time will come to climb up the hill again. I am preparing for the ascent. Getting the things together I will need is part of the journey too.

How do you deal with these times in your work?

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