Lightheaded and Spinning on a Dime

IMG_3969 copy

                         My days blend together into one long blur lately……

I do not have any clue how to slow down, to think, to figure things out. I have actually been trying but my efforts are so scattered and wild they lay about me like a puzzle spilled on the floor.

Unexpected things show up in life that makes us turn in a different direction than we want to. These days, that is my story.

I have been painting sporadically and managed to finish a piece for a local art project last week. I hated it then I loved it and then I hated it again. In order to get it finished, I spent a whole day working on it painting things over and layering textures and mediums and more paint until at last, it was done and so much better than I thought it would be! Before I had time to pick it apart again I delivered it. I am so glad I did because now when It is no longer in my studio it has it’s own life apart from me so I can appreciate it.

As it turns out I am very pleased with it ……..

It is not much like my other painting but it is on canvas instead of paper so I was learning what worked and what didn’t and it challenged me. In the end, I realized that can be a good thing. I have plans to work on canvas a lot more often and hopefully, I will be a little bit more comfortable doing it now.


The Beauty of the Rain
The Beauty of the Rain 24″x 24″



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