Time to Clean Up, Again!!!!!

It has been a busy summer, late fall around here and I need to get back to painting! Things have started to calm down some and everyone is back on schedule for the time being (except me). 

I work in a pretty small studio, 12ft. by 16ft. or thereabouts. Somehow I manage to paint, store my work, cut all my own mats, and do my own framing by shifting things around depending on the task needing to be done.

Oh yes, I also make a line of jewelry that I wholesale a few times a year. A lot of space has been used to store beads and other jewelry supplies, holdovers from the past. I intend to work on culling out all the things I no longer use… soon.

I think I get my way of doing this from my Mother. We had a three bedroom, 1 bath house for six kids and two adults. She was always trying to fit everything in by changing the arrangement of it all and eventually she just started throwing things out. That is exactly what I need to do once again!

So, that will be my plan, for now, throw out, donate, organize, and clean so I can get back to what I really want to do “PAINT.”

Getting Ready For Woodland15 002

I often wonder if every artist does it this way? Anyone? Please share how you manage your studio space.




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