Solitary Dreams

Do you ever wonder if anyone in the world gets you or your art? I do and very often… Then I try and remember those people who come into my booth at an art fair or to an exhibit. When they stand in front of one of my paintings for awhile before moving on to … More Solitary Dreams

Showing up

My plan is to share my art here, my thoughts about being an artist and the process of painting my life. I hope if you are reading this you can understand or  relate in some way to my process. Let me know your insights, dreams and about your journey too. I would love to hear … More Showing up

Woodland Art Fair

I just want to say how much I enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with so many wonderful artists and art lovers at the art fair this past weekend. The weather was pretty nice and the crowd was very large. I sold some art and made some new friends,. What more can I ask? Thanks everyone.

Finding my way

One beautiful morning My heart whispers to me, “Isn’t it time You learned to journey?” This is from a tiny book I found a long while ago that really resonated with me and where I was in my life. It made me think I needed to step out of the box more, be braver, take more chances … More Finding my way