So Much To Do!

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Time has a way of getting away from me in the day to day activities of modern life. I don’t think I have ever felt like I have so much on my plate as I do right now. Maybe that is partially because there is so much I want to do! Could…

Lost and Found

I was looking through some things I had packed away in my studio a few weeks ago and found this drawing of me done by my granddaughter. She did this about ten or so years ago I think. She is a very talented artist, recently graduated from college with a BFA and all grown up … More Lost and Found

Working Gets Messy

Yes, I have a lot of art supplies and never enough places to put them. I need to organize things again after the flurry of activity involved in getting ready for the art fair. My space has to be multi-purpose to accommodate not only painting but storage for finished work, work in progress, supplies, and … More Working Gets Messy